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Chibi Kitty

I’ve been taking a “break” and I quite honestly can’t remember much of what I did that past two weeks. I remember the last three days, but the rest? Nada. Aside from dealing with the woes of virtual schooling for the kids and other household responsibilities, I’ve been pretty brain dead. I was hoping I’d feel more refreshed, but I don’t. I’m honestly a little concerned about my brain now lol.

So I had some issues with my printer recently and it kept printing out test pages despite me not telling it to. I was kinda bummed because I hate wasting paper and it was the nicer paper that I have stocked in the color printer. So I decided to draw a picture on the back of it thinking I could get some practice with my Copic markers. Needless to say, it ended terribly and I will not be posting it here. BUT, digital comes to save the day.

Chibi Kitty

(I sort of snorted just now due to my stupidity. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the term “chibi” so I had been calling this “loli kitty” until 10 seconds ago. I guess either way works.)

This isn’t my usual style–not that I really have much of a set style. The best part about this image was that it was 90% done using the symmetry ruler. I’m continuously trying to up my ‘cute’ game and I think this turned out better than my usual attempts, so I’m happy.

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