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MH Character Files ~ Rose, Cori, & Ken

Rose Hughes
Age: 26
Occupation: Apothecary
Likes: Making medicine, helping her husband
Dislikes: Judgmental and bigoted people

Wife of Professor Hughes. She comes from a family of apothecaries and continues on with the profession even after she leaves her home, much to her family’s surprise. She was a well-known beauty back in her hometown and was expected to be courted by someone noble, but she only had eyes for Renley.

Cori Hughes
Age: 7
Occupation: None
Likes: Exploring
Dislikes: Being restricted

Rose and Renley’s adventurous daughter. She is very much like her father in that she loves to explore new things and hates being restricted from doing so. She also adores Anya greatly.

Ken Menoa
Age: 24
Occupation: Blacksmith
Likes: Fighting, Rose
Dislikes: Those who are rude to women

Despite his age, he is a talented blacksmith and swordsman who works in the area behind Rose’s apothecary. He has a carefree attitude and it is very clear to everyone except Renley, that he is attracted to Rose. He very much enjoys Anya’s boisterous personality.

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