July 2020 Updates

Ughhh, I’ve been terribly behind on updates on all of my accounts. 2020 has just been an absolute mess. With my move, the pandemic, having to home-school my kids, and a myriad of other things, I feel like I’m not getting anything accomplished.

I’ve uploaded two videos since my last post but decided against posting the art here because of the uptick in reposts. Despite having this dedicated website for all of my works, I don’t get much traffic coming here and my number of subscribers is hilariously pathetic. It’s not something that I’ve concerned myself with much because people would rather follow me on my other social media accounts and that’s okay. But having people take my art directly from my website and posting it elsewhere is definitely not helping me.

I use this website mainly to keep my works organized in a cohesive manner. I’ll continue updating index lists with links and posting my original content here, but I’ll be cutting back on posting fan art for the time being.

Til next time~

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