Original Works

Starting Afresh!

Ever since starting this website, I’ve been mulling over my old artwork and wondering if I should upload all of it. In the end, it only succeeded in setting me back. So now I’m just going to concentrate on uploading current things. I’ll slowly begin to add my older artwork as I go along. I’m still debating whether or not I should use a watermark. I hate how aesthetically unappealing it looks but it does give me some relief in knowing that it’ll be more of a pain for another party to use the art for monetary purposes. I’ll have to sleep on it some more.

For now, I’m having a bit of fun with old pieces that I never finished. I had started this one around February 2016. At the time, I only had Paint Tool SAI and I wasn’t thrilled with how it was turning out. But I finally spent some time on it and finished it up using Clip Studio Paint. I decided to name her Emma, after Marinette’s (Miraculous Ladybug) hypothetical daughter.

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